Hypnotherapy For Anxiety & Worry

A good amount of anxiety can be a great thing to keep us healthy safe and alive. It's completely natural for us to experience anxiety


Anxiety can be felt in relation to specific events such as:

- Driving test nerves

- Public Speaking

- Exam nerves

- Socialising with new people and new situations


For others, anxiety can be felt in a more generalised way where it’s not necessarily connected to any specific event and sometimes it can cause you to worry about everything. This can become really restricting and emotionally debilitating and is known as generalised anxiety disorder.


It’s completely natural for us to feel anxiety - it prevents us from engaging in all sorts of dangerous behaviours that would put us at risk, so effectively anxiety keeps us safe. Sometimes though, we can feel anxiety in more areas than are helpful and we lose our perspective on what is safe and what is unsafe. Our minds can then interpret everything we encounter as dangerous, even if it’s not.


Sometimes this may be linked to specific tasks, environments or events, other times it may be a more general feeling. We may logically know that there is no danger and wonder why the feeling of anxiety is so strong. A healthy amount of anxiety is a good thing, however when this balance is tipped too far, it can become a problem.


Anxiety can cause physical symptoms such as feeling tense, tight muscles or aches and pains, headaches, insomnia, stomach ache or nausea, tummy troubles, restlessness, dizziness and/or shortness of breath. It’s important that you get these symptoms checked out by your doctor first.

I’m always happy to have an informal chat to help you understand whether hypnotherapy is right for you so please get in touch with me either by calling me on 07305870208 or via my contact form.


Together we can focus on reducing your levels of anxiety, challenging your thoughts, understanding where your anxiety came from, building a new sense of confidence and self esteem and learning relaxation techniques and coping strategies to help you live the life you deserve.


Here are steps you can take yourself to reduce your levels of anxiety:

- Exercise: the endorphins released through exercise will make you feel good.

- Take time to relax: take some deep breaths and sit quietly. You could download my free 5 minute relaxation audio to help with this.

- Sleep: this is so important for us to function well so set a regular sleep routine. If you struggle to fall asleep, consider whether you are giving yourself enough time to wind down beforehand. Perhaps a nice relaxing bath would help or you could listen to one of my audios.

- Eat a healthy & balanced diet: if your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs as well as enough water, this will put you in the best possible position to soothe your anxiety.

- Challenge your thoughts: anxiety and worry is like trying to predict the future. When these thoughts appear, see whether you can challenge them - are they realistic and worth worrying about? If a friend told you they had these worries, what would you advise them?

- And finally…be kind to yourself: living with anxiety can be a daily struggle and very wearing on your emotions and body. Again, think about what you would say to a friend who was experiencing this. What would you say to soothe them?