Hypnotherapy For Anxiety & Worry

A good amount of anxiety can be really helpful; it keeps us safe & alive by guiding us to be aware of things we've identified as being important. But sometimes anxiety can feel like it's spiraling out of control. We can lose our perspective on what is safe versus what is unsafe & our minds can then interpret everything we encounter as dangerous, even if it’s not.

Sometimes this might be in relation to something specific like driving test nerves, public speaking, exam nerves, starting a new job, attending a big event or things like socialising with new people & new situations. 

For some people anxiety can be felt in a more generalised way where it’s not necessarily connected to any specific event & it can cause you to worry about just about everything. This can become really restricting & emotionally debilitating & is known as generalised anxiety disorder.


Hypnotherapy can be an amazing way to calm anxiety. Often our subconscious minds can take the job of keeping us safe too far so that our minds & bodies feel like we're on high alert all the time.


Anxiety is a very real feeling & sometimes it feels like it'll never go away, but it absolutely can. I work with clients regularly to help them soothe the anxiety they are experiencing. 


I can help you to...

  • Feel empowered by understanding what anxiety is & how it's actually a really helpful response when managed the right way.

  • Work with you to understand where the anxiety came from; sometimes the context can be really helpful to find ways to reframe & adjust your feelings towards this.

  • Gently challenge your thoughts - no doubt you've challenged your thoughts & tried to squash them down many times, but adding compassion to the mix can really change things. 

  • Process any emotions, beliefs or past experiences that may have held you back before.

  • Teach you ways to find your calm on the good days & the bad days - we all have them, let's work with this rather than against it.

  • Teach you about completing the stress cycle so your body can return to a relaxed state rather than carrying the stress with you.

  • Recharge your confidence in yourself & build your self esteem back up so you can feel really good about yourself once more.

  • Teach you some really helpful & practical coping strategies so you can feel confident in yourself to handle whatever comes up.

  • Develop a kinder & more encouraging way of talking to yourself so you can be that inner coach for yourself anytime you need to.

Some steps you can take today to reduce anxiety

Often it can feel that only something drastic can change your experience of anxiety, however my experience of working with clients has shown me that small adjustments can be really powerful in dialing down those feelings of anxiety within. Here are just a few examples of some steps you can take right now to find some calm:

  • Firstly, find a spot to sit & relax where you can safely close your eyes. Take a moment here to sit still, put everything down, including your phone & just be quiet for a moment. Place your hand on your heart & take some soothing deep breaths. You can imagine you're breathing in calm & relaxation & breathing away any tension you're currently holding. With each breath, notice how your body starts to soften & relax. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to just sink into this moment & notice how it feels afterwards. Creating these moments of calm can be a really good way of coming back into your body. I also have a free 10 minute relaxation audio you can access.

  • Sleep & rest are so important. It's tempting sometimes to stay busy to keep yourself distracted, but rest is also really important. If you struggle to slow down, sometimes it's helpful to think about how you can be occupied while you rest. Something like reading can be really amazing as it's generally hard to think of other things once you get stuck into a good book - your mind is occupied & this is really helpful. Sleep is also key - if you struggle to switch off & find your thoughts are racing, think about a good wind down routine for your evening. Fewer gadgets, soft lighting, time for some relaxation & perhaps some journaling can be really good things to enhance your bedtime routine. Hypnotherapy can also be a fantastic support with trouble sleeping so perhaps something to consider to help in this area too.

  • Exercise - you're probably not at all surprised to see this one here & it's for good reason. Research has shown that exercise helps you to complete the stress cycle which is a really important part of processing stress in your body. You'll probably know the feeling of having a lot of anxious energy in your body at the start of a walk, then about half an hour in noticing how you feel so much lighter & wonderfully calm & that's because you've completed the stress cycle. I'd really recommend the book Burnout by Amelia Nagoski & Emily Nagoski.

  • Distance yourself from the situation slightly by asking yourself - if you had a loved one in this position, what would you say to them? No doubt you'd be a lot more kind to them than you are to yourself. You might also have some helpful perspectives for them. By looking at this from a slightly different angle through the lens of it being about someone you care about, you'll likely be able to see things a little more clearly & bring more compassion to your response to yourself as well. It's really hard living with anxiety & can take a toll on your body & your mind. Think about how you can soothe yourself in nurturing ways. 


If you would like to explore this more, get in touch today. I'm always happy to arrange a time to have a chat to explain more about the support I offer &there's never any hard sell - we can talk about how things are for you at the moment & I can explain how I can help & answer any questions you may have. Then if it feels right we can book your first session or you can have some time to think things through first. It's a big step reaching out for support but please be assured we'll take it at your pace.

It's important to note that anxiety can cause physical symptoms such as feeling tense, tight muscles, aches, pains, headaches, insomnia, stomach ache, nausea, tummy troubles, restlessness, dizziness &/or shortness of breath. It’s important that you get these symptoms checked out by your doctor first.

"Rosie is just so wonderful. She has such an amazing calm and is excellent at what she does. 5 star all the way and thoroughly recommend."

Steph, Support with Life Changes

"I really enjoyed my session with Rosie. Going into it I didn't know what to expect but she was so good at explaining what was going to happen & put me at total ease. 

My session with Rosie has really helped with my confidence in even small circumstances. I've been using the techniques she showed me daily & as she said, they are becoming stronger & more useful. 

I would encourage anyone who is considering Hypnotherapy to give it a go & especially using Rosie. She's such a warm, genuine person who clearly loves what she does & wants to help people!"

Millie - Support With Driving Test Nerves & General Self Doubt

I always want the best for the amazing clients I'm lucky enough to work with. If you're reading this & wondering whether now is the time, all I will say it that your future self will thank you for starting just as soon as you can.


We all have our own path to follow in life & I'm confident that you'll take action to create the life you want & absolutely deserve at the right time for you. If that time is now, then I'd love to hear from you.