Hypnotherapy For Changing Habits

Hypnotherapy can be an amazing way change, stop or begin new habits. 

Habits tend to work on two levels. The first level is in that some way, shape or form, the habits we have are our way of meeting a need we have. Sometimes it's clearly obvious what need it's meeting & other times it makes little sense when we think about it logically. 


This is where the subconscious mind comes in. The purpose of the subconscious mind is to keep us safe & alive & it drives us to meet our needs to do this. Some of these needs are physical, like food, water, sleep etc, & others are emotional. 

If something at one point in our lives has been helpful, our subconscious mind can often code this as something we should do more of & this is what sustains our habits. Sometimes it's not the most helpful thing though & although it's coming from a good place, often it's been taken out of context or needs updating. 

The second level is the habit itself which is sustained over time by triggers like our environment, times of day, emotional states, other people & certain occasions. These all serve as reminders for our subconscious mind to do the thing relating to that habit.

And our subconscious mind runs things on auto pilot so often we do these things without even realising. This is often helpful as it saves us from having to apply our conscious attention & energy to tasks. But not so helpful when you're trying to change an unwanted habit...

This is where hypnosis can help & it's an amazing way to transform habits.

Through hypnosis we can understand what the unmet need is underneath this habit & find new, more helpful ways for this need to be met. This will enable your subconscious mind to release the unwanted habit & enable you to feel good about the changes you're making.

Why does it sometimes feel so hard to let go of a habit?

We can often feel quite attached to our habits & the idea of letting them go can feel difficult & like we'll be missing something. But the beauty of approaching this change with the help of hypnosis is that you'll feel happy & content about moving on with your new helpful habits. There won't be the gaping hole in your life that you might have anticipated but instead you'll have given yourself the gift of finding positive and helpful ways to meet your needs. 

We all have needs & it's important for us to meet them. The interesting thing about our habits is that often they don't actually meet the need they've been attached to. Sometimes the sense of familiarity & comfort is what keeps us attached to them & the times where a particular habit has helped them cope with some difficult things, but they can actually make our lives quite uncomfortable.


I help clients release old patterns that are keeping them stuck & support them to create habits that help them feel great, whether that's to meet a certain goal you have or to feel happy, healthy & in control of your life.

Some of the habits I can support you with (& there are many more too):

If there's a habit you'd like support with that's not listed, get in touch with me & I'll let you know whether I can help. Hypnotherapy is amazing for so many different changes & if I can help, I absolutely will.

I'm always happy to explain more about the work I do & answer any questions you may have. If you would like to find out more or go ahead & book your first session, send me a message using the link below & we can arrange a time to chat. 

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