Hypnotherapy To Overcome Fears & Phobias

Do you have a fear or phobia that is affecting your life negatively? Would you like to feel calm and in control again?

Hypnotherapy is amazing at transforming and releasing fears and phobias. Whether you already remember a specific incident that started your fear or phobia or not, hypnotherapy can give you back your sense of control and help you to feel calm in situations where you previously may have felt extreme fear and anxiety. ​

The purpose of our unconscious mind is to keep us safe and alive. Fear is a natural mechanism that is designed to prompt us to remove ourselves from dangerous situations. When we have a negative experience, the brain files this away and uses it to inform how we behave in similar situations in the future.

This can work really well, however sometimes this mechanism becomes over sensitive and can develop into a phobia. At this point, we feel an overwhelming need to avoid our phobia, even if we logically realise that there is no need to feel afraid. We can feel fearful, anxious and/or panicked in relation to our phobia which can make it really difficult to live with.

Hypnotherapy can support you to downgrade this extreme feeling of fear to a level you are more comfortable with. It won’t mean that you feel dangerously over confident when faced with what was once your phobia, however you will feel in control, calm and able to manage the situation comfortably.

I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve freedom from their fears and phobias and love to see the positive effects on their confidence and happiness in other areas of their lives that this change can bring about.

If you would like to discuss overcoming your fear or phobia, please get in touch with me. I’m always happy to have an informal chat to help you understand whether hypnotherapy is right for you so please either contact me by calling 07305870208 or via my contact form.

Listed below are some of the common phobias that I can support with, as well as many more:

- Fear of spiders: arachnophobia

- Fear of snakes: phidiophobia

- Fear of dogs: cynophobia

- Fear of heights: acrophobia

- Fear of situations in which escape might be difficult: agoraphobia

- Fear or the dentist: dentophobia

- Fear of injections: trypanophobia

- Fear of birds: ornithophobia

- Fear of public speaking: glossophobia

- Fear of flying: pteromerhanophobia

- Fear of clowns: coulrophobia

- Fear of thunder and lightning: astraphobia

- Fear of germs or dirt: mysophobi

- Fear of blood: hemophobia

- Fear of books: bibliophobia

- Fear of knives and sharp objects: aichmophobia