Session Prices

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need depends on the area you would like support with and as with anything in life this can vary from person to person as we are all individuals. My role is to help you makes these changes in the shortest amount of time possible but in a way that also feels comfortable and natural to you. You can look at our work together as a partnership - the time spent during sessions is where we lay the foundations for the changes you are seeking and the time in between sessions is where you put this into practice which contributes a great deal towards achieving your goal.

I always recommend that you contact me directly to discuss the support you would like. During our conversation I can give you an estimation of how many sessions I think may be needed and answer any questions you may have. For some areas only 1-2 sessions are generally required (for instance phobias or driving test nerves), and for other areas (for instance weight control or anxiety) a series of 4-6 sessions is usually more appropriate. We can work together to shape the sessions to suit your needs. 

How much do sessions cost?

You can either pay for your sessions one at a time as you have them or for a series of sessions I offer a discount on block bookings of 4 sessions if this is paid in advance. If you need less than 4 sessions I refund the remaining sessions at a rate of £65, or if you need more, you can buy additional sessions at the same rate. 

1 Session:

Block of 4 Sessions 

3 Step Stop Smoking Program: 


I’m always happy to have an informal chat to help you understand whether hypnotherapy is right for you, how many sessions I would estimate may be needed and to confirm prices with you so please get in touch with me either by calling me on 07305870208 or via my contact form.

£70 per session.

£65 per session (a total of £260).

£200 (link to Stop Smoking Program Information).