Hypnotherapy For Stopping Smoking

I help people stop smoking once & for all. It's a habit that many people carry around with them for a long time with a niggle in the back of their mind constantly that they really should stop.


It's really liberating for my clients when they are able to stop completely & no longer have to carry that guilt around. The benefits of stopping smoking are incredible for your health & really freeing in how you feel within yourself too.


As an ex-smoker myself, one of the things I loved most about stopping was not having that built in schedule dominating my days anymore, the old 'I'll just do this & then I'll have a cigarette...' or 'I'll just have a cigarette & then I'll...' It seemed to bookend all the activities throughout my day & I didn't like it. Then of course the smell, the expense, the impact on health & I could go on, but we all have our own reasons for stopping a habit & they are important reasons.


Perhaps you've tried to stop many times before & used multiple different methods, but not found success just yet. And you may wonder how hypnotherapy can help you when other things haven't worked in the past.


Well, from my experience of supporting many clients to stop smoking, I have so far always found that in some way, smoking has been a way of meeting a subconscious need my clients have. It might not be something that makes sense on the surface, but there has been a clear reason as to why they've been drawn back to the habit time & time again.

But there are many ways to meet our needs & through hypnotherapy, you are able to get to the root of what might have pulled you back to smoking in the past in your subconscious & set out a clear path for your future that is smoke free.


We can work together to rewrite the ways that you meet your needs so that these are helpful & in line with how you'd like your life to be. And so smoking no longer needs to be that unwanted crutch you go back to. You can let it go once & for all & rely on new, helpful & more effective coping strategies I'll teach you, that become your new go to methods.

Naomi - Support With Stopping Smoking

"I would definitely recommend Rosie, I've been stopped smoking for 9 weeks the longest I've done in 23 years."

My 3 Step Stop Smoking Programme

I offer a 3 step stop smoking programme which I have found to be the most effective way of supporting clients to stop for good.  These steps enable you to feel prepared before starting & fully supported throughout the change too. 


1. The first step is to help you prepare for this change. When we speak to book your appointment, I will talk you through some small shifts you can make to prepare for this change in advance of our first session. Small shifts in your habits & thinking leading up to this are so helpful & create a great foundation to work from.


2. The second step is our first hypnotherapy session which usually lasts for 2 hours. During this session we'll spend some time talking through your history with smoking, such as previous attempts to stop, why you went back to it & what your motivation is now for stopping. We'll explore what you feel smoking gives you & work together to identify new ways for you to meet this need in a way that's in line with how you'd like to live your life. I'll also teach you some great practical coping strategies to help make the transition easier & more natural for you. Hypnosis is an amazing way to make this change & a wonderfully relaxing experience too which is always a bonus!


3. The third step is a follow up hypnotherapy session approximately a week later which usually lasts for an hour. We can use this session to focus on anything relating to your stop smoking experience. For instance some people like to use this session to combat any food cravings if they have any, reinforce any changes or simply reward themselves with a lovely relaxation session instead!


Cost of the 3 Step Stop Smoking Programme: £280

My stop smoking programme can be adapted for clients who feel they would benefit from a hypnotherapy session to prepare them a week or two before taking the step to stop smoking. All of my sessions are tailored to the needs of you as an individual & we’ll discuss what feels right for your journey to become a non-smoker.

All of my sessions are tailored to each of my clients as individuals - we'll work together to find a way forward that fits your lifestyle, motivations & how you'd like your future to be. I use a variety of different techniques & always include practical advice on ways to find comfort & enjoyment in other areas of your life.

It can feel like a big thing stopping smoking, like there will be a gap in your life, but what my clients tend to find is that they don't miss it at all once they learn how to meet their needs in a different way. 

Whatever your journey so far, hypnotherapy can be an amazing support to help make this change feel natural & one that really lasts. As you'll already know, nothing can make you stop smoking until you are prepared to & decide that the time is now.


If that time is now, get in touch today.

Here's what my amazing clients say...

Helen - Support With Stopping Smoking & Self Improvement

"Being a 'down to earth', northern, working class woman, I'd always been quite sceptical about things like hypnosis and the power of the mind. Not for any particular reason other than, it all sounded a bit 'mystical' and 'fanciful'. After having attended several sessions with Rosie Cathro, I've changed my mind. There is nothing fanciful about Rosie's sessions. Instead, I was given a comprehensive, well thought out, practical way of improving my life for the better.


Rosie's detailed and bespoke programme has helped me remove self constructed barriers in many areas of my life – some of which I hadn't even been aware of until Rosie reconnected me with the depths of my subconscious. These areas include personal relationships, self doubt, self criticism, health improvement and many others.


The biggest practical result has been to help me stop smoking. I've been a smoker for over thirty years and, thanks to Rosie's sessions, I have broken free of this debilitating and life restricting addiction. Rosie has a relaxed and unfussy style of approach which helped me open my mind to different ways of developing my own potential. For that, I can't thank her enough."

Alice - Support With Stopping Smoking

"My sessions were over Zoom, which is really easy to use and was very convenient for me. I got comfortable in my own space which I found very relaxing. Rosie was so kind and my sessions were designed for my individual story. The best thing is I've been a non smoker now for 3 months. Also I've saved the environment a car journey and me some time xx."

How to know that it's the right time...

There's a distinction between being ready to make a change versus being prepared to do it. Knowing that you're absolutely ready can be a difficult thing to feel when embarking on a big change - often we can feel we need to have all the answers & know exactly how we'll do it but often it doesn't feel this way. It also stacks the pressure on & can make us feel we'll never be fully ready.


Being prepared to make the change to stop smoking is a very different thing & a much better way to understand whether now is the right time to stop smoking. You don't need to have all the answers or an exact plan of how you'll do it, you just have to be willing to take the necessary steps. 


I often liken this to setting out on a trek to an unknown place - you may not know exactly where you're going, how to get there, what you might have to navigate etc. Having the support of hypnotherapy sessions is like having a guide to show you the way, helping you navigate the path you'll follow to becoming a non smoker & to maintain this amazing change. You have to be the one to move your legs & take those steps & that's where the importance of being prepared to make the change comes in.

Understanding your motivation for stopping smoking is a really important part of our work together - this may be for a variety of reasons & all are equally valid. It could be due to wanting to save money, improve your health, breathe easier, smell fresher, create more time in your day, follow your own schedule & no longer plan everything around your next or last cigarette, or simply no longer wanting to have that feeling hanging over you every day that you should be stopping. Many people stop with their families in mind & wanting to have as many years as possible with their children & grandchildren.

The great thing is that we can work with whatever is personally motivating you to make this a lasting change

When considering the cost, consider how much you could easily spend on cigarettes if you delay in making this change for a week, a month, a year, 3 years etc.

I always want the best for the amazing people I'm lucky enough to work with. If you're reading this & wondering whether now is the time, all I will say it that your future self will thank you for starting just as soon as you can.


We all have our own path to follow in life & I'm confident that you'll take action to create the life you want & absolutely deserve at the right time for you. If that time is now, then I'd love to hear from you.