Here's what my clients say...

Millie - Support With Driving Test Nerves & General Self Doubt

"I really enjoyed my session with Rosie. Going into it I didn't know what to expect but she was so good at explaining what was going to happen and put me at total ease. 

My session with Rosie has really helped with my confidence in even small circumstances. I've been using the techniques she showed me daily and as she said, they are becoming stronger and more useful. 

I would encourage anyone who is considering Hypnotherapy to give it a go and especially using Rosie. She's such a warm, genuine person who clearly loves what she does and wants to help people!"

Alice - Support With Stopping Smoking

"My sessions were over Zoom, which is really easy to use and was very convenient for me. I got comfortable in my own space which I found very relaxing. Rosie was so kind and my sessions were designed for my individual story. The best thing is I've been a non smoker now for 3 months. Also I've saved the environment a car journey and me some time xx."

Amy - Support With Weight Loss

"Rosie has been a true blessing! I went into my hypnotherapy with an open mind and I'm so glad I did. By allowing myself to truly relax and trust Rosie I have been able to focus on what really matters and made changes that have made a whole world of difference to my every day life. The main reason for wanting to try hypnotherapy was because I felt like I was an emotional-eater and could never stop thinking about my next meal or snack to pass the day by. It was a great starting point but it wasn't the only obstacle we tackled, it just opened the door.


Rosie is so empathetic in what she does, each session she has grown more of an understanding of my needs and each session I've grown to trust her methods implicitly. After 4 sessions I have seen drastic changes in my behaviour and I'm starting to lead the balanced life I've been dreaming about. Don't get me wrong, I still have my bad days but I find I can tackle them head on with a true purpose and I'm back to being 'me' in no time.


I can't thank Rosie enough! She's enabled me to free myself from old habits and worries. With weekly tasks, both physical and mental, I have been able to challenge myself and prove that I can be the person I chose to be. It's ok to say 'no' and it's ok to take time for myself, after all we have to look after number 1. I look forward to continuing the sessions and seeing how they develop as life goes on."

Steph- Support with Life Changes

"Rosie is just so wonderful. She has such an amazing calm and is excellent at what she does. 5 star all the way and thoroughly recommend."

Helen - Support With Stopping Smoking & Creating Positive Change

"Being a 'down to earth', northern, working class woman, I'd always been quite sceptical about things like hypnosis and the power of the mind. Not for any particular reason other than, it all sounded a bit 'mystical' and 'fanciful'. After having attended several sessions with Rosie Cathro, I've changed my mind. There is nothing fanciful about Rosie's sessions. Instead, I was given a comprehensive, well thought out, practical way of improving my life for the better.


Rosie's detailed and bespoke programme has helped me remove self constructed barriers in many areas of my life – some of which I hadn't even been aware of until Rosie reconnected me with the depths of my subconscious. These areas include personal relationships, self doubt, self criticism, health improvement and many others.


The biggest practical result has been to help me stop smoking. I've been a smoker for over thirty years and, thanks to Rosie's sessions, I have broken free of this debilitating and life restricting addiction. Rosie has a relaxed and unfussy style of approach which helped me open my mind to different ways of developing my own potential. For that, I can't thank her enough."

Cheryl - Support With Pain Management

"Rosie makes you feel comfortable and has a lovely way of speaking which is very relaxing. I found the session useful and it made me look at things from a different perspective - I was able to go into a different state of mind where I could see the other side of things. Thank you Rosie."

Naomi - Support With Stopping Smoking

"I would definitely recommend Rosie, I've been stopped smoking for 9 weeks the longest I've done in 23 years, I wish you all the best xx."

Can hypnotherapy help me too?

If you're reading this & wondering whether hypnotherapy can help you too, get in touch with me today - I'm always happy to explain more about the support I offer & answer any questions you may have.


If you're also wondering whether now is the time, all I will say it that your future self will thank you for starting just as soon as you can.


We all have our own path to follow in life & I'm confident that you'll take action to create the life you want & absolutely deserve at the right time for you. If that time is now, then I'd love to hear from you.


All testimonials have been shared with full consent from my clients.

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