Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

I really love supporting people to make healthy changes to their lifestyles, whether that's specifically for weight loss or wanting to have more energy, exercise more, look after our bodies or all of the above. 

We are all wonderfully unique & that includes our bodies. There's no one size that we should aim for & our goals in life will be specific to us. My role is to understand the changes you'd like to create in your life & support you to make them a reality. 

The way I work is not prescriptive or set in stone. Instead we'll look at what's really going on for you in your life to understand how this change can feel easier, more natural & something that you can maintain long after our sessions finish. 


From my experience, it's a process of taking in the full picture of your life & some things you may not have thought as contributing factors. For example, we'll discuss things like your feelings, beliefs about yourself, your habits, your self esteem, how much sleep you're getting, how prepared you are for the week ahead, how you respond to your needs, your responsibilities, what support you have & so many more things.

We don't live our lives or make changes in a vacuum; the wider context of our lives is important.

Each person I work with is unique & we'll work on the things that are an important part of the picture of your life. It will be different for everyone & that's exactly how it should be. This is one of the reasons I believe the cookie cutter diet approach doesn't sustain long term change in so many instances. We are whole people & what works for one person may not work for another. Let's work with that rather than against it. 

One of the most important parts of this work to me is to absolutely acknowledge that there are changes you want to make & to fully support you to make that happen.


And at the same time acknowledge that the path to doing that & sustaining that change is not created by hating your body or using the negative to drive you forward. There is no one body type.


My mission is help you make the changes to your lifestyle & thinking that will drive you forward in a positive way both physically & mentally AND learn to love the skin you're in & the person you are on that journey too.


I can help you to...

  • Feel empowered, aware & in control of the decisions you make.

  • Understand your triggers for unhealthy food choices.

  • Recognise the differences between emotional & physical hunger & how to spot the signs so you can respond in new ways that really meet your needs. 

  • Overcome barriers that may have prevented you from making good choices when it comes to your lifestyle in the past.

  • Implement practical steps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Recharge your confidence & self esteem.

  • Develop a kinder & more encouraging way of talking to yourself so you can be that inner coach for yourself on the good days & the bad days (let's face it, we all have them).

  • Process any emotions, beliefs or past experiences that may have held you back before.

  • Teach you coping strategies so that you no longer need to comfort yourself with food & can do this in healthy, positive ways instead that are aligned with the lifestyle you would like to create.

It's empowering becoming the inner coach for yourself that encourages you whether it's a good day or a bad day. Rather than giving up or writing off the day, which can turn into the week or the month, you'll be able to use the techniques I teach you to nurture & support yourself in those moments so that you can create space for yourself to respond in new ways that are aligned with what's important to you.

I’m really passionate about supporting people to feel balance, happiness & contentment in their lives. It’s amazing to see how making small but significant changes can have such a positive impact & I love supporting my clients on this journey.

Hypnotherapy can support you to make these changes feel more natural but you also need to be committed to making the change too. You can think of this as a partnership where we work together to achieve your goals. What you do in between the sessions is also a really important part of this work.

I'm always happy to explain more about the work I do & answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with me anytime & we can arrange a call to talk this through. There's never any pressure - I'll simply help you understand whether working with me feels right for you.

"Rosie has been a true blessing! I went into my hypnotherapy with an open mind &I'm so glad I did. By allowing myself to truly relax & trust Rosie I have been able to focus on what really matters & made changes that have made a whole world of difference to my every day life. The main reason for wanting to try hypnotherapy was because I felt like I was an emotional-eater & could never stop thinking about my next meal or snack to pass the day by. It was a great starting point but it wasn't the only obstacle we tackled, it just opened the door.


Rosie is so empathetic in what she does, each session she has grown more of an understanding of my needs & each session I've grown to trust her methods implicitly. After 4 sessions I have seen drastic changes in my behaviour & I'm starting to lead the balanced life I've been dreaming about. Don't get me wrong, I still have my bad days but I find I can tackle them head on with a true purpose & I'm back to being 'me' in no time.


I can't thank Rosie enough! She's enabled me to free myself from old habits & worries. With weekly tasks, both physical & mental, I have been able to challenge myself & prove that I can be the person I chose to be. It's ok to say 'no' & it's ok to take time for myself, after all we have to look after number 1. I look forward to continuing the sessions & seeing how they develop as life goes on."

Amy, Support With Weight Loss

I always want the best for the amazing clients I'm lucky enough to work with. If you're reading this & wondering whether now is the right time, all I will say it that your future self will thank you for starting just as soon as you can.


We all have our own path to follow in life & I'm confident that you'll take action to create the life you want & absolutely deserve at the right time for you. If that time is now, then I'd love to hear from you.

I'm always happy to explain more about the work I do, how I can help you & answer any questions you may have.