Hypnotherapy To Overcome & Heal The Past

To say that our pasts can really shape our futures is a huge understatement. We are the product of all the experiences we have ever had, all the interactions we've encountered, the events we've lived through, the challenged we've faced and the amazing times we've experienced too. We can think of all these different elements of our lives as an abstract piece of art - different shapes, colours, textures and it's what makes us the person we are today.


Sometimes the past shapes our future in ways that are wonderful, something we want to embrace and bring forward with us into our future. Other times we can really get the sense that the past is sometimes holding us back. Perhaps filling our minds with fears of failing, so we don't start and we don't risk it. Instead we can find ourselves staying small, playing it safe, keeping a strong line of separation there at all times between ourselves and others to protect ourselves. 


I very much work on the basis that we do these things from a positive place. That the whole purpose of our subconscious minds is to keep us alive and therefore to keep us safe. Sometimes though the safest thing that our subconsious mind grabs onto with both hands is taken out of context, is out of date or just doesn't fit within the way we would like to live our lives anymore. 


Much of our culture runs on the idea that we should tell our inner critic to shush, we should ingore it & eventually it will go away. I really don't subscribe to this message at all and have encountered a very different way in the work I do. Rather than rejecting what is essentially a part of ourselves, we can connect with it through hypnosis to understand it from a compassionate place. When we understand the purpose and intention behind this, it has been my experience that it has always been for a positive purpose which is to meet one of our needs. What a beautiful thing and we've strived perhaps for years to quieten this part of us and it's kept on speaking up on our behalf. 


We can carry the hurt of events, relationships and memories of the past for many years. Over time these memories can fade and the hurt can too, but sometimes we need to r