Hypnotherapy To Heal The Past

To say that our pasts can really shape our future is a huge understatement. We are the product of all the experiences we have ever had, all the interactions we've encountered, the events we've lived through, the challenged we've faced & the amazing times we've experienced too. We can think of all these different elements of our lives like an abstract piece of art - different shapes, colours, textures & it's what makes us the unique person we are today.


Sometimes the past shapes our future in ways that are wonderful, something we want to embrace & bring forward with us into our future.


Other times we can really get the sense that the past is sometimes holding us back. Perhaps filling our minds with fears of failing, so we don't start & we don't risk it. Instead we can find ourselves staying small, playing it safe, keeping a strong line of separation there at all times between ourselves & others to protect our hearts. 


I very much work on the basis that we do these things with good intent. The whole purpose of our subconscious minds is to keep us alive & to keep us safe. Sometimes though the safest thing that our subconscious mind grabs onto has been taken out of context, is out of date or just doesn't fit within the way we would like our lives to be anymore. 

Sometimes it feels like the safest thing is to stay with what we know, even if it is uncomfortable. But there is a way to move through & beyond this.

Much of our culture runs on the idea that we should tell our inner critic to shush, ignore it, think happy thoughts & eventually it will go away. I really don't subscribe to this message at all.

Rather than rejecting what is essentially a part of ourselves that is trying to take care of us, we can connect with it through hypnosis to understand it from a compassionate place.


When we understand the purpose & intention behind this, it has been my experience that it has always been for a positive purpose, which is to meet one of our inner needs. What a beautiful thing & yet we've often strived for years to quieten this part of us. 

Through hypnosis, I can guide you to understand your need for safety in the way in which you experience it, reframe this & find new, more helpful ways to meet this need. Approaching it from this angle creates a loving, nurturing space & narrative within yourself. 

Instead of berating yourself, you'll learn how to become your own supportive, encouraging coach from within & this changes everything. 

We have all walked a different path in life & our needs are all unique. I'll help to guide you to fully understand yours & together we'll work in partnership to heal, soothe & transform the wounds of your past so you're ready to move on & create a wonderful life for yourself.


A life where you can fully be & feel like yourself.

"Rosie's detailed and bespoke programme has helped me remove self constructed barriers in many areas of my life – some of which I hadn't even been aware of until Rosie reconnected me with the depths of my subconscious. These areas include personal relationships, self doubt, self criticism, health improvement and many others.


Rosie has a relaxed and unfussy style of approach which helped me open my mind to different ways of developing my own potential. For that, I can't thank her enough."

Helen, Support With Stopping Smoking & Personal Development.

I always want the best for the amazing clients I'm lucky enough to work with. If you're reading this & wondering whether now is the right time, all I will say it that your future self will thank you for starting just as soon as you can.


We all have our own path to follow in life & I'm confident that you'll take action to create the life you want & absolutely deserve at the right time for you. If that time is now, then I'd love to hear from you.