Hypnotherapy For Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a fascinating field in hypnotherapy. There are a couple of ways regression can be used in hypnotherapy:


The first is using this technique therapeutically support a client to reframe a previous experience from their past that is affecting their life in a negative way. For instance, if a traumatic experience in your past is influencing your present life negatively, regression can be a way to reframe & release this so you can move on.

The second type is known as past life regression that works alongside the theory that clients are taken back to memories from a past life that they realistically shouldn’t know or be able to access. A person’s view on this will be highly dependent on their spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs. There are lots of different ways that this could be explained and I’ve listed some below. Your opinion of this is totally individual to you and I’m fully supportive of the fact that we are all free to develop our own thoughts and beliefs.


- Some people believe that people genuinely access memories from a past life & this would be known as reincarnation.

- For others, they also believe in past life regression but view this as a biological process involving cell or gene memory.

- Some view this as a person using their imagination, perhaps influenced by stories they have heard or seen in their lifetime.

- For others this can go a step beyond in that they are able to view this in a therapeutic sense - for instance the story created by their imagination has a meaningful message for them that reflects something in their own life.

- Some believe that this is a form of telepathy in that a person is tapping into the memory of another person.

- For others, they simply don’t believe in past life regression and that’s absolutely fine.


Whatever your personal belief may be this is unique to you.


The reasons someone may be interesting in arranging a past life regression session are usually pretty unique as well. Sometimes it's a case of curiosity, exploration, spirituality & sometimes because a person has the sense that they have a block in their life or a certain attitude or opinion that they feel is linked to an event in a previous life. Exploring past life regression for some can give a sense of closure and understanding that helps them move forward.


Past life regression can be a fascinating experience. If you would like to explore this further I’m always happy to have an informal chat so please get in touch with me. I would be more than happy to support you with this experience and I completely respect whatever beliefs you may hold.  

I’m always happy to have an informal chat to help you understand whether hypnotherapy is right for you so please get in touch with me either by calling me on 07305870208 or via my contact form.