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An Insight Into the Work I Do

On a personal level, I am a woman who has experienced being squashed into a smaller & differently shaped mould than I was ever meant to inhabit. My life has been a journey of breaking out of that & challenging myself to push beyond my limits.

Notice my language there; that I ever thought there were any limits.

Limits set by who? By what? Are those limits really there? Well, those limits can be imposed by ourselves or by others, but the most liberating feeling is breaking free of any limits & not reinstating any new ones. Shedding that skin that held us too tight, for too long.

On a professional level I have supported so many women & men who have also been slowly shaped over the years to be a certain way, not ask for too much, not be too much, not think too highly of themselves, not express t h o s e emotions, not show t h a t side of themselves.

An underlying feeling that we’re never enough & that if people knew T H A T about us then [ fill in the blank ].

The work I do with people helps them reclaim these parts of themselves that they abandoned because they felt they had to, or squashed back down inside themselves, or numbed with habits that took the edge off because all the cues they received told them to be themselves but not T H A T part of themselves. And all of this happens so often without us even being consciously aware.

When I work with people, the path we often take is helping them rediscover who they truly are & welcoming back those parts they thought they could never show. Like the most beautiful puzzle being put back together.

I teach them ways to navigate their path where they can be authentically themselves, where their needs & the way they look after their needs are a priority.

This can be done on a big or small scale. I’m guided by the person I’m working with & we may deal with one layer or many; it’s different every time.

Imagine for a moment being in your body & your mind & accepting & loving every single part of you.

That’s an amazing space to be in.

An amazing space to make incredible shifts that draw you closer to true authentic happiness.

An amazing space to work from & release any habits that are no longer serving you.

When you connect to this part of you, the clarity on what you’re ready to shed & what you’re committed to bringing forward with you is astounding.

It's not always easy, but it's significantly easier than all that bending, shaping, squashing & hiding. And it's worth it.

If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you. Perhaps it’s your first time or perhaps you’re ready to revisit this work & peel back another layer. Whatever your experience so far, I’ll be there to guide you through this incredible work & connect you back with your incredible self.

To get in touch with me, you can call me on 07305 870208 or send me a message via my contact form.

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